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March 1, 2021

Album composed by Muted Symphony

“Mercury” is an instrumental electronic music album that takes inspiration from the planet Mercury.
This musical work creates an imaginative and atmospheric musical journey through the celestial body. With its electronic soundscapes, the album explores the different moods and emotions evoked by the planet, from its intense heat to its otherworldly landscapes.

Mercury, the smallest planet in our solar system, has a very extreme climate. Due to its close proximity to the sun, the planet experiences extremely hot temperatures on its side facing the sun, while the side facing away is extremely cold. On the side facing the sun, temperatures can reach up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit (430 degrees Celsius), while on the night side, temperatures can drop to minus 290 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 180 degrees Celsius).
The surface of the planet is also heavily cratered and scarred from billions of years of impacts, giving it a rugged and otherworldly appearance.

The music is likely to be a blend of synthesizers, electronic beats, and sound effects that create a captivating and futuristic sound. This album is ideal for those who enjoy instrumental electronic music, space-themed soundscapes, and immersive listening experiences.

Track Listing

16 Tracks