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If you become my Patron on Patreon, you’ll be supporting my project and helping me continue to create high-quality music. As a Patron, you’ll have exclusive rights to use my music without the need to credit me in your projects.


Additionally, you’ll have early access to my new music releases, being able to download and use them in your projects up to 14 days before they are available in other places. If you require a written and signed license for any of my music, as a Patron, you’ll have access to a form on my website where you can provide details about your project, your email, and a description. You’ll receive a PDF with the legal license signed by me immediately.


Furthermore, you’ll have the option to download my music in high-quality WAV format, ensuring that your projects have the best possible sound quality. Your support will enable me to continue creating great music and fulfilling our creative projects together.


Thank you for considering becoming my patron. Your support will make a significant difference in my journey as a musician, and I look forward to creating amazing things togethe

Benefits of becoming my Patreon

  • Access to posts: full access to all posts.

  • Music: 118 music tracks.

  • A minimum of 10 new tracks.

  • Personal Use: Yes.

  • Unlimited Use: Yes.

  • Monetization Videos: Yes.

  • Commercial Use: Yes.

  • License File: Yes.

  • Instant access to all my tracks in high quality uncompressed format (WAV 16 Bits)

  • Access to Patreon posts.

  • Credits on upcoming music posts and videos

  • No Attribution: Being a Patron grants you the exclusive right to use the music without attributing/crediting me.

  • Commercial Use (Monetization): You are allowed to monetize your videos and keep all the ad revenue when using my music.

  • No Limits: There are no limits on how many times, or how often you can use the music. Unlimited use.

  • PDF License: Becoming a Patron gives you exclusive access to a form on my website to generate signed licenses by me so you won’t have to provide attribution for the tracks. The PDF license will be sent to your email after you fill out the form, where you can indicate the name of your project and where you plan to use the track.

  • All tiers offer the same: You support based on your financial abilities.

If you ever decide to cancel your monthly membership, you are free to do so at any time. Additionally, if you have questions or concerns about your membership, feel free to contact me directly by sending an email to I’m here to help in any way I can and I’m grateful for your support!.

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