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May 24, 2023

Track composed by Muted Symphony

ISRC Code QZAMM2224813


As the man drifted deeper into his dream, he found himself immersed in a strange and abstract world. The surroundings appeared real, yet lacked logical coherence. There were no other beings in sight, no signs of life apart from his own presence. However, what captured his attention were the strange structures that seemed to blend seamlessly with the surrounding landscape.

Tall, twisted towers intertwined with towering trees, their branches extending like reaching hands towards the heavens. Vibrant colors danced across the landscapes, with rivers flowing upwards and mountains defying gravity. It was as if the laws of physics were mere suggestions in this bewildering realm.

The man wandered through this enigmatic landscape, his senses heightened by the paradoxical beauty that surroundedhim. Despite the lack of meaning or purpose, he felt a profound sense of peace and awe. It was a place where the boundaries of imagination and reality merged, where the mind was free to explore the depths of its own potential. And as the man continued his journey through this ethereal realm, he embraced the sheer wonder of the inexplicable world that existed solely within his dream.







05:12 minutes

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