Sole Survivor

astronaut floating in space

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January 6, 2021

Track composed by Muted Symphony

ISRC Code QZAMM2070375


The year is 2157, and humanity has finally sent its first manned mission to explore the planet Mercury. Among the crew is veteran astronaut John Reyes, who has spent his entire life dreaming of the opportunity to explore the mysteries of our solar system.

At first, the mission seems to be going smoothly. The team lands on the planet’s barren surface and begins conducting their experiments and collecting samples. But as the days pass, strange things start to happen. Equipment malfunctions become more frequent, and the crew starts to experience bizarre hallucinations and vivid nightmares.

One by one, the crewmembers succumb to the strange effects of the planet, until only John is left. He realizes that he has become the sole survivor of the mission, left to face the mysteries of Mercury alone.

As John continues his exploration of the planet, he stumbles upon a strange structure hidden deep beneath the surface. Inside, he finds a device that seems to be of alien origin, unlike anything he’s ever seen before. The device seems to be sending a message, but he can’t decipher it.

John becomes obsessed with unlocking the secrets of the device, but he realizes that he may never be able to leave the planet. He’s trapped, relying only on his dwindling supplies and his own will to survive. 

But just as John’s supplies are running out and he is on the brink of despair, he finally discovers how to decipher the message. It’s a set of coordinates, leading to a hidden spacecraft left by a previous alien civilization.

John races to the spacecraft and manages to get it working just in time, blasting off from the planet’s surface as it begins to crumble and dissolve behind him. As he looks back at the planet that nearly claimed his life, he can’t help but wonder what other mysteries lie waiting to be uncovered in the vast expanse of space.







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